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A New Thing Christian Church – Lithonia, Georgia
Addis Hiwot Ethiopian Evangelical Church – Charlotte, North Carolina
Advent Lutheran Church – Winchester, Virginia
Awakening Lives to World Mission – Albuquerque, New Mexico
Church of the Living God – Houston, Texas
Ebenezer Oromo Evangelical Church – Kansas City, Missouri
Emmanuel Lutheran Church – State College, Pennsylvania
Grace Lutheran Church – Huntington Beach, California
Iglesia Luterana La Transfiguracíon – Irving, Texas
Iglesia Luterana San Pedro – Miami, Florida
Immanuel Lutheran Church – Sumter, South Carolina
Journey of Faith Lutheran Church – North Ridgeville, Ohio
Life Stream Oromo Evangelical Church – Chicago, Illinois
Living Faith Lutheran Church – Red Deer, Alberta
Living Word Lutheran Church – Fredericksburg, Virginia
Lutheran Church of the Cross – Covington, Pennsylvania
Lutheran Military Veterans and Families Ministry – Fort Wayne, Indiana
Nile Evangelical Church – Rochester, New York
Oromo Evangelical Church – Houston, Texas
Oromo Evangelical Church of Denver – Aurora, Colorado
Our Savior Lutheran Church – Auburn, California
Our Savior Lutheran Church – Johnston, Rhode Island
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church – Santa Barbara, California
Pueblo de Dios Lutheran Church – Compton, California
Reformation Lutheran Church – New Bern, North Carolina
St. Elias Christian Church – Chicago, Illinois
St. John’s Lutheran Church – Statesville, North Carolina
Trinity Lutheran Church – Warrenton, Virginia

Addis Hiwot Ethiopian Evangelical Church
2414 N. Sharon Amity Road
Charlotte, NC 28205
Phone: 720-329-1813
Contact: Pastor Samuel Pawlos
Email: samjkuk@gmail.com
Website: www.addishiwotevangelicalchurch.org


Located in Charlotte, NC, Addis Hiwot Ethiopian Evangelical Church seeks to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the local Ethiopian and Eritrean community and to equip the saints for discipleship and spiritual maturity. They do this from the pulpit and by being active in the community, using different communication tools, including arts, music and drama.  Services of the Word, Bible studies, worship and music ministry, prayer ministry and children and young adult ministries are offered.

Though recently incorporated, it has been in existence for several years and has received grants from the NALC and its Carolina Mission District, as well as a local congregation. The congregation previously received support from the Christian Missionary Alliance but that support has ended. The congregation owns its building, subject to a mortgage, and has a full-time salaried pastor.

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Journey of Faith Lutheran Church
33406 Liberty Parkway
North Ridgeville, Ohio
Phone: 440-327-0147
Contact: Pastor Traci Featheringham
Email: journeyoffaithlc@gmail.com
Website: www.journeyoffaithchurch.com

“We are a family of believers dedicated to worshiping and following Christ while serving Him in the world around us” is the mission statement of Journey of Faith Lutheran Church. As a family, and focused on discipleship, the congregation, which has been around about six years, reaches out to the community as a caring group of believers, welcoming and accepting anyone entering as a part of the family. Biblically sound teaching is presented in a non-traditional format, including Journey Jam, an outreach event where local talent shares their gift of music in a free concert; a monthly community meal; regular visits and events at an “adopted” nursing home; a prayer blanket and journal ministry; and participation in many other community ministries such as Clothe a Kid, food collection, Thanksgiving meals, Christmas gifts and meals, Shoeboxes, Trim Healthy Mama, Trunk or Treat, Service in the Park, Habitat for Humanity and local hospital care gifts.

A recipient of NALC mission grants for three years, the congregation has also received financial support from several congregations in its NALC Mission District.

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oromo-houstonOromo Evangelical Church
1311 Holman Street
Houston, TX 77004
Phone: 503-267-2428
Contact: Pastor Kamiso Boru
Email: oechoustontx@gmail.com
Website: www.oechoustontx.org

The Oromo Evangelical Church of Houston (OEC) has worshiped in Houston since 2007; it joined the NALC in 2011 and was incorporated in 2012. During these years it has reached out to the community around it under the mission statement: “Preaching the revealed Jesus Christ for all nations and making them disciples.”

The congregation seeks to spread the gospel by preaching the Word, teaching the Word, practicing what the Word teaches for daily life, and praying with the purpose and goal of making disciples of the Word.

The church has regular services, Sunday School, weekly prayer services, and goes door to door distributing the Word and getting acquainted, building relationships in the Oromo community and beyond. It hosts and presents conferences that focus on spreading and teaching the Word. It also sponsors music events, choir concerts and special activities.

It has received Mission Grants from the NALC and support from several nearby congregations. Its members also financially support its programs. OEC’s finances are administered through Joy Lutheran Church of Richmond, TX, its fiscal agent.

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Living Word Fredericksburg VALiving Word Lutheran Church
15 S Pointe Lane
Fredericksburg, VA 22405
Phone: 540-840-3261
Contact: Pastor Kenneth Hauge
Email: info@livingwordlutheran.org
Website: www.livingwordlutheran.org

An NALC mission congregation established in 2012, Living Word’s mission is as follows: “As hearers of the Gospel, Living Word believes we are a people, called and sent by God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to be a community of faith, hoe and love, who witness to Christ and His coming Kingdom before the entire world, striving to learn, live and share the word of God.”

In its short existence, the congregation has had to move numerous times due to financial pressures, and has lost many of its original members in each move. The congregation needs funds to put up signage and advertise in the area in order to make itself better known.  It also hopes to become a business partner with a local Christian radio station, where it could advertise both through radio spots and the station’s website.

The community surrounding Living Word is multi-ethnic with large groups of Hispanics, Asians, Africans and Europeans. Within the last year Pastor Kenneth Hauge began a part-time pastoral ministry, replacing supply preachers. The consistency of his ministry and a stable location will help the congregation reclaim its mooring.

Living Word received an NALC Mission Grant in 2016. It has not had an audit performed.

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Emmanuel Lutheran Church
206 S. Burrowes Street
State College, PA 16801
Mailing Address: PO Box 682
State College, PA 16804
Phone: 570-992-4085
Contact: Pastor Brett Jenkins
Email: emmanuelnalc@gmail.com
Website: www.emmanuelnalc.org

Seeking to be an orthodox community of Christians that will grow in zeal and numbers of disciples, Emmanuel Lutheran Church has been worshipping for less than a year and recently became affiliated with the NALC. Its challenge is to make the Christian faith meaningful and credible in a community that is highly secular and very liberal. State College provides an academic university setting with a high standard of living and high professional standards.

Emmanuel has the expenses of any start-up congregation: paying for pastoral support, worship space (it is currently worshipping in a United Methodist church), website start-up and maintenance costs, advertising and general operating expenses. It anticipates congregational benevolence will grow as the number of its worshippers increase.

The congregation received an NALC mission grant for 2016, as well as a grant from another Pennsylvania NALC congregation. No audit is currently in place.

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St. John’s Lutheran Church
740 North Center Street
Statesville, NC 28677
Phone: 704-873-0222
Contact: Pastor Ernie Sheldon
Email: office@stjohnsstatesville.org
Website: http://www.stjohnsstatesville.org

St. John’s Lutheran Church (Statesville, NC) has planted Grace Lutheran Church, a mission congregation in Advance, NC. This mission began worshiping in January 2016 in the chapel of a local funeral home in Advance. Pastor Sheldon of St. John’s is providing partial pastoral support to the mission plant, including Bible studies and the development of lay leaders and parish administration of the mission fellowship. In addition, Saint John’s is providing administrative and worship supplies and rent subsidies and transportation assistance.

Because Grace Lutheran Church is a mission branch, it is actually St. John’s Lutheran Church that is seeking financial support for this mission start, and St. John’s will provide financial and administrative assistance. However, St. John’s resources are not adequate for the estimated $53,000 needed to get the mission start going. It is recognized that a pastor is needed, as are all of the other services and supplies required to launch a congregation. Grace Lutheran Church received an NALC mission grant for 2016. No audit is currently in place, although much information is available on the congregation’s website.

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Iglesia Luterana La Transfiguracíon (Transfiguration Lutheran Church)

1930 Williams Road
Irving, TX 75060
Contact: Pastor Pedro Portillo
Email: pedroportillo715@hotmail.com
No website at this time.

Seeking to reach out to Hispanics in East and West Dallas County, Iglesia Luterana La Transfiguracion formed in early 2015 as a house church and grew into having services in a backyard, then in a neighboring Lutheran church building. La Transfiguracion also has a satellite worship center in a warehouse in West Dallas. Average attendance is 120, with many children in Sunday school. Plans are for several worship sites in different parts of the county.

Previously affiliated with and receiving grants from another Lutheran body, this congregation is composed largely of Hispanics with strong Roman Catholic backgrounds and family-oriented traditional cultures — but no current affiliation with any Catholic parish — who believe in the full authority of the Bible. Its mission is to build a team of leaders for new mission, mentoring them to reach immigrants seeking church homes in NALC Hispanic missions, and to partner with existing NALC congregations in North Texas to launch Hispanic missions within these congregations.

La Transfiguracion has a full-time pastor. Due to it very recent affiliation with the NALC, it is losing significant financial support and therefore needs mission support to finance its pastor. It has received an NALC mission grant for 2016. No audit is currently in place.

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EbenezerOromoKCEbenezer Oromo Evangelical Church of Kansas City

5047 NW Gateway Ave
Riverside, MO 64150
Contact: Pastor Faisa Atomsa
Email: faisat6@yahoo.com
No website at this time.

Focusing on the Oromo community in the Kansas City metro area, Ebenezer Oromo Evangelical Church of Kansas City (the Oromo Church), is committed to reaching out to others and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people and making disciples for Him. Recently established, and not yet legally organized, the congregation has received an NALC mission grant. Its finances are managed through the NALC’s Great Plains Mission District.

The congregation holds Sunday worship services and Sunday school for children, and has twice-weekly prayer meetings. Its pastor is currently receiving a very limited salary.

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Awakening Lives to World Missions

PO Box 67432
Albuquerque, NM 87193
Contact: Pastor William Moberly
Email: pastorbill@alwm.org
Website: www.alwm.org

Established by EEMN (the “East European Missions Network,” a mission partner of the NALC), Awakening Lives to World Missions (“ALWM”) has as its mission “Mobilizing and Equipping Churches for Effective Global Outreach.” This ministry exists to call and equip congregations to actively respond to Jesus’ call to take the Gospel to the nations. ALWN comes alongside local churches to assist them in discovering and advancing their unique missional calling through Bible teaching, practical experience, strategic networking and evangelical passion. It also sponsors and organizes short-term mission trips and works with partnerships and projects in former Soviet bloc countries.

Churches participating in this partnership have realized significant increases in funds available for missions, have developed clear plans for strategic outreach, have substantially increased their members’ involvement in missions, and have called individuals within the congregation to full-time missions. Its annual budget is funded through contributions from congregations and individuals.

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Advent - Winchester VA Advent Lutheran Church

1508 Valley Ave.
Winchester, VA 22601
Mailing Address: PO Box 3204
Winchester, VA 22604
Contact: Pastor Christopher Porter
Phone: 540-678-8748
Email: alcwinchester@gmail.com

Located in Winchester, Virginia, in the northern Shenandoah Valley, Advent Lutheran Church was formed in 2010. It is the first chartered mission congregation of the NALC. A full-time pastor was recently installed at Advent. The congregation’s mission is to preserve the Bible as the inerrant word of our Creator, to expose ever-increasing circles around the congregation to the power of God’s word for new life, and to pass to future generations a legacy that acknowledges the divine inspiration and special nature of the Bible as the authoritative word of God. The congregation, with its new pastor, is currently working on objectives to guide them in fulfilling this mission.

Advent holds Sunday and special festival services, a Lenten Bible study, a special Christmas program, congregational meetings and retreats. It proclaims the Gospel through preaching, Bible study, personal Bible reading, classes, participation in community events, invitations to the community for church events, media advertisements and brochures. It assists a local food bank.

Advent has received an NALC mission grant.

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A New Thing - Lithonia GAA New Thing Christian Church

1835 Deshon Rd
Lithonia, GA 30058
Contact: Pastor Trina Petersen
Phone: 770-680-2330
Email: beholdanewthing@gmail.com

Located in the metro-Atlanta area, A New Thing Christian Church is a faith community committed to:

  • making disciples who serve others,
  • honoring scripture as the authoritative source and norm,
  • applying studies so members can walk in wisdom,
  • praying for God’s will upon us,
  • interceding for one another, and
  • embracing worship as a lifestyle.

Engaging with the working poor, the homeless and the marginalized—including former and current gang members—this community seeks to be hearers of the Word and doers who take the Gospel to the streets, providing encouragement, educational opportunities and empowerment through offering food, clothing, housing and opportunities of service.

A congregation of the NALC, A New Thing Christian Church has existed since 2011. It received grants from the Great Commission Society and from a Lutheran congregation in Memphis during 2014.

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Lutheran Church of the Cross

146 Palmer Road
Covington, PA 16917
Mailing Address: PO Box 612
Mansfield, PA 16933
Contact: Pastor Raymond Forsythe
Phone: 570-659-0241
Email: revray@frontier.com
Website: www.lutheranchurchofthecross.biz

“We the people of Lutheran Church of the Cross: are united together in Christ; reaching souls with the Gospel message; growing, learning, by offering services that equip for service; growing together in our spiritual lives; encouraging each other; looking ahead to Eternity”

One of the NALC’s first mission congregations, Lutheran Church of the Cross is located in the Mansfield, PA area, and surrounded by many unchurched, as well as people working in the gas industry and near Mansfield University, the congregation has great potential for growth. A particular focus is its “flashlight ministry” which tries to open doors of discussion about the church.

The congregation received a grant from the Great Commission Society in 2014, and has applied for one in 2015. It has also received four smaller grants in the past year.

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Lutheran Military Veterans and Families Ministries, Inc.

3480 Stellhorn Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46825
Contact: Major Leslie Haines (ret), DM, MA
Phone: (260) 755-2239
Email: lmvfm.org@gmail.com
Website: www.lmvfm.org

A faith-based ministry that provides free care, counseling and assistance to those who have served in the military, military contractors and their families, Lutheran Military Veterans and Families Ministries also provides training and support to community care providers who work with military personnel and their families. Services are provided throughout the entire U.S. and include free counseling, quarterly weekend retreats, and assistance in finding resources through government agencies (LMVFM does not provide financial support itself). It provides training programs for civilian care providers, therapists, counselors, clergy and others who want to be better equipped to work with the military community, and also works with congregations to provide information on issues currently affecting the military community.

The organization was established in 2008 and is an independent faith-based Lutheran ministry, although it has been recognized by the LCMS as a service organization. Its executive director is rostered with the NALC, and its board has NALC representation.

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Nile Evangelical Church

804 Merchants Road
Rochester, New York 16409
Contact: Pastor Ntahombaye Nestory
Phone: (585) 303-0907
Email: ntamalnest.2010@yahoo.com

“Healing the broken soul” is the mission statement of Nile Evangelical Church, which serves the Sudanese community in Rochester, NY. A congregation of the NALC originally established in 2005, Nile Evangelical proclaims the Word of God through preaching, the sacraments, weekly Bible study, a women’s ministry that sings and visits women in the community, youth ministry. Many in its community have suffered in Sudan, and have family there who continue to endure hardship.

In 2014 this congregation received a grant from the NALC Great Commission Society, as well as from congregations in the Mid-Northeast Mission District, and has applied for 2015 aid.

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Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

955 La Paz Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108
Mailing Address: PO Box 40824
Santa Barbara, California 93140
Contact: Michael Shasberger
Phone: (805) 685-1050
Email: shasberger@cox.net
Website: www.princeofpeacesantabarbara.org

A mission congregation of the NALC incorporated in 2013, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church meets on the Westmont College campus. The congregation strives to serve the Kingdom of God with and through the students and other members of the Westmont community, along with families and others from the greater Santa Barbara area. The congregation offers a rich liturgical worship experience, a vibrant learning community and a heart for evangelical witness and service in the world.

The congregation currently operates with volunteers only and has no called pastor. Currently supported only by gifts from its members, it seeks financial support from others of $6000.

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Trinity Lutheran Church

5439 Old Alexandria Turnpike
Warrenton, Virginia 20187
Contact: Pastor Dennis DiMauro
Phone: (703) 568-3346
Email: dennisdimauro@yahoo.com

A local mission congregation in suburban/rural northern Virginia, Trinity Lutheran Church has been in existence for about three years. It uses the phrase: “We don’t change the Bible, the Bible changes us.”

Evangelism in the community takes the form of Word and Sacrament ministry, personal visits to homes and hospitals, and community engagement through street fairs, yard sales, car washes and participation by its members in local community and charity events.

A big step for Trinity was calling a full-time pastor in mid-2014, thus doubling its financial obligations. Its income cannot support the expense of a full-time pastor, thus this mission congregation seeks support from other churches and individuals around the country.

Trinity has applied for an NALC mission grant for 2015. The Ministry and Mission Standards team has reviewed its financial information. It was incorporated in Virginia in June 2012. No audit is currently in place.

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Our Savior Lutheran Church

1395 Atwood Avenue, Suite 105
Johnston, Rhode Island 02919
Contact: Pastor Larry Nichols
Phone: (401) 286-3048
Email: larry.nichols56@live.com
Website: www.oslcri.org

Our Savior Lutheran Church, a new NALC mission congregation and the first mission plant in New England, emphasizes the NALC’s four core values of “Christ Centered, Mission Driven, Traditionally Grounded, and Congregationally Focused.” Having identified a geographical area of growth, the congregation seeks to work in North Central Rhode Island, an area traditionally of large Roman Catholic populations. The pastor, Larry Nichols, currently completing a PhD in the theology of Martin Luther at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, is a former mission builder in the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. He began a house church of 12 and over his years of ministry there saw it develop into a congregation of more than 500 members. This mission congregation has received an NALC grant for 2014 and seeks $40,000 to support their new worship location and pay the pastor a nominal salary.

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Living Faith Lutheran Church

P.O. Box 512
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada T4N-5G1
Contact Person: Ralph Wold
Phone: (403) 347-9852
Email: woldfolkshome@gmail.com
Website: None at this time

“Rooted in the word of God, growing in the likeness of Christ, and reaching out by the power of the Holy Spirit,” Living Faith Lutheran Church of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, has been a worshipping community for the last three years, having formally incorporated as a religious nonprofit in late 2012. Services are held at an extended care facility and several residents have joined the fellowship. Six people were confirmed this spring. Bible studies, monthly family education Sundays, prayer ministry and hospital visiting are part of the congregation’s outreach and support to its community. The chaplain at this care facility assists with communion. Over this time, the congregation has not had a pastor but has had many missionaries conduct services for it, and a strong awareness of and support for mission work beyond the congregation has thus developed.

Estimating a need for $5,000-6,000 of support for the current year, its only current support is from donations of its approximately 50 members. Its goal of financial stability would assist it in calling a part-time pastor, which would also help increase its financial support within the community.

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Church of the Living God

5855 Sovereign Dr. #D-151
Houston, TX 77036
Contact: Pastor Joshua Ong
Phone: (713) 774-8384
Email: clgchurch@yahoo.com
Website: www.clgchurch.org

Located in Houston, Texas, Church of the Living God’s mission is “to reach the Chinese immigrants and the second generation, by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and making them to be the disciples of Jesus Christ.” Since God has sent more and more immigrants from China to the US, the congregation wants to make use of all opportunities to share with them the Gospel and the new life in Jesus.

The congregation provides ESL classes for new immigrants, is planning to start a class in citizenship to help those seeking naturalization, and sponsors weekly Bible studies at three different senior citizen apartment buildings to evangelize seniors coming from the control of Communism during their life in China.

Church of the Living God, an NALC congregation, has received mission support from the NALC and has been in existence as a congregation since 1994. Its financial statements have been reviewed by the Ministry and Mission Support Committee. No outside audit is conducted.

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St. Elias Christian Church

2500 West Bryn Mawr Avenue
Chicago, IL 60659
Contact: Pastor Rimon Said
Phone: 773-977-9225
Email: marelias2015@gmail.com

An NALC congregation in Chicago with services in Arabic, St. Elias’ mission states: “We believe in Jesus Christ as our own Savior. Because of that we serve immigrants who came from the Middle East.” Members encourage new immigrants to consider St. Elias as their home church while they live far away from their home country. St. Elias conducts worship and Bible study in Arabic and assists new immigrants as they settle in Chicago. Its members visit immigrants at home and in the hospital, provide social activities, and also educate immigrants on handling conflict and the challenges of living in a new country and alien culture. The NALC gave a mission support grant to St. Elias Christian Church in 2014. Financial support requested: $70,000 for 2014. The Ministry and Mission Standards Committee reviewed its financial statements. No current audit is in place.

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Our Savior Lutheran Church (Auburn, CA)

14675 Musso Rd
Auburn, CA 95603
Mailing Address: PO Box 285

Newcastle, CA 95658
Contact: Patricia Slaven-Irvin
Phone: 916-505-8636
Website: www.oursaviorauburn.com

A newly-formed NALC congregation serving Placer County, California, dedicated to “Embracing God’s Word—Transforming Lives—Serving Others,” Our Savior Lutheran Church of Auburn, CA describes its ministry as promoting the rediscovery of the Holy Spirit’s will in all lives, working to energize the community to love as Christ did and, by being Christ’s hands and feet in the community, to support the under-served in its neighborhood. It seeks $5,000 of support for 2014 to help pay rent, purchase basic supplies, and pay for a visiting pastor. Because the congregation is new, it does not have financial statements for prior years, but it has developed a budget for the current year.

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Oromo Evangelical Church of Denver

1092 S. Nome Street
Aurora, CO 80012
Mailing Address: PO Box 202484
Denver, CO 80220

Contact: Pastor Gudeta Burka
Phone: (612) 483-6472
Email: gudeta82@yahoo.com
Website: www.oromochurchdenver.org

Targeting the many Ethiopian communities in the metro Denver area, the mission of Oromo Evangelical Church of Denver is “to declare and demonstrate the power of the gospel of Christ with clarity, simplicity and entirety, thereby restoring mankind to God’s original intention.” With one part-time employee and ten volunteers, plus members, their evangelism strategy is to preach the gospel, knowing the neighborhoods they serve and befriending people in need. They offer discipleship classes as a means of training.

Two years old, the congregation is part of the NALC and has received NALC mission support grants for the last three years. It is also supported by three Colorado NALC congregations. Estimated support need for the current year is $57,000. They provide written financial reports to their supporters every three months.

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Immanuel Lutheran Church

140 Poinsett Drive
Sumter, SC 29150
Contact: Pastor Gary Blobaum
Phone: 803-774-2380
Email: sumterimmanuel@aol.com
Website: www.ilcsumter.com

“The Church exists by mission as a fire exists by burning.” Those words describe Immanuel Lutheran Church of Sumter, South Carolina. Kindled by the Holy Spirit, we are a small gathering at the base of a big flame. Our diverse congregation gathers for worship, Sunday School and Bible studies, and then disperses across our community and state, bearing the name and love of Jesus.

Immanuel reaches into human lives through two primary missions, to the incarcerated and returning citizens, and to the aging, as well as other ministries. Our “Stand by Me” prison ministry provides weekly worship, Bible studies and individual ministry to returning citizens at four South Carolina prisons and one detention center, and mails letters, Bibles and books to the incarcerated in a total of 17 prisons. Immanuel’s “Care Center Ministry” offers weekly worship and Bible study at two senior living facilities, as well as a monthly communion service at one facility. Other caring ministries include a free Christian library, pillows for hospital patients, the Sumter Pregnancy Center, and Water Mission.

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Grace Lutheran Church

6931 Edinger Ave.
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Contact: Bishop Vanson Tran
Phone: 714-899-1700
Email: Bishop.Tran@gmail.com
Website: www.GraceHB.org

An outreach ministry to the Vietnamese people in Orange County, this congregation has as its mission to “Invite others to follow Jesus lovingly, and to serve and share life together through the power of the Holy Spirit in the US and Viet Nam.” Led by Bishop Vanson Tran of the Lutheran Church of Viet Nam, Grace reaches out through worship services in Vietnamese. Televised in Orange County twice weekly, these services potentially reach 12,000 households. The congregation also supports the Bible-training and the translation of the Lutheran Confessions into Vietnamese. A congregation of the NALC, Grace receives mission support from both the NALC and from some of its congregations, and from the ELCA. The Ministry and Mission Standards team has reviewed its financials, but no current audit is in place.

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Life Stream Oromo Evangelical Church

1244 W. Thorndale Ave.
Chicago, IL 60660
Contact: Rev. Waktola Dufera
Phone: 773-387-4292
Email: waktolagudeya@gmail.com
Website: www.lsoec.com

This congregation’s mission statement reads: “Bring people to salvation in Jesus Christ and disciple them in their relationship to Jesus Christ…” The congregation, located in Chicago, seeks to build the body of Christ, first through reaching out to the Oromo people in the Chicago area, then to all people under Jesus command in Matthew 28, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” This will be accomplished with God’s help through regular worship, Holy Communion, confirmation study, the website, witnessing to neighbors, and distributing flyers and going door to door. Life Stream Oromo Evangelical Church is a congregation of the NALC and receives grant support from the NALC. The Ministry and Mission Standards team has reviewed its financials. No current audit is in place.

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Pueblo de Dios Lutheran Church

804 East Rosecrans Avenue
Compton, CA 90221
Contact: Pastor Samuel Nieva
Email: pueblodedios@gmail.com
; familianieva@yahoo.com
Website: http://pueblodedioslutheran.wix.com/churchcompton#

“Sharing the spiritual bread and material bread” is Pueblo de Dios’ mission. The congregation serves and reaches out to low-income people in Compton, California, many of whom are Hispanic. “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free and to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor” (Luke 4:17-19 NIV). Pueblo de Dios Lutheran Church is a mission congregation of the ELCA, receiving financial grants from the ELCA; the congregation also receives a mission support grant from the NALC. It is seeking additional support through this website. The Ministry and Mission Standards team has reviewed financials. No current audit is in place.

Click here for a form to “adopt” Pueblo de Dios and send direct support.


Reformation Lutheran Church

905 Carolina Avenue
New Bern, NC 28562
Contact: Pastor Stéphane Kalonji
Phone: (252) 633-3712
Email: kalonjist@aol.com
Website: www.reformationnalcnc.org

Reformation Lutheran Church is a mission start of the NALC. After worshiping in a funeral home for two years, the congregation has relocated to a facility it shares with another church and has centralized its worship, educational and office space there. Their mission statement is “To worship God, study His Word, serve His People and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Reformation Lutheran receives mission grant support from the NALC, has now had a full-time pastor for two years, and focuses on growing through evangelism.

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Iglesia Luterana San Pedro

3360 West Flagler Street
Miami, FL 33135
Contact: Pastor Eddy Perez
Phone: (305) 445-0626
Email: pastoreddyperez@yahoo.com
Website: www.iglesiasanpedro.org

Committed to preaching Christ and making disciples in the power of the Holy Spirit, Iglesia Luterana San Pedro is a mission church to the Latino community. Their radio ministry, “Tiempo de Alabanza,” broadcasts several days a week to reach out to that community; they are seeking funds to support the cost of purchasing air time. Mission Support requested: $24,000. The congregation is affiliated with the NALC and also, under special conditions, with the ELCA. It received a mission support grant from the NALC for 2013 of $6,000.

Click here for a form to “adopt” Iglesia Luterana San Pedro and send direct support.



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