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Lean structure with the local church at its heart

The NALC is very lean structurally, but there is enough structure to help congregations with their ministries. The NALC’s focus is on assisting the ministry of congregations, not on congregations assisting the ministry of the national church.



John BradoskyThe Bishop carries out a pastoral ministry within the church, serving as pastor for the pastors and congregations of the NALC. The Bishop preaches the Gospel, forgives sins, administers the Sacraments and judges doctrine (Augsburg Confession XXVIII). The Bishop carries out a ministry of visitation throughout the church, is a defender of the faith, and promotes the mission of the church.

Rev. John F. Bradosky
Hilliard, OH
Current term ends August 2019

General Secretary

MarkfromKathyThe General Secretary is a full-time staff position and functions as the chief operating officer of the NALC, managing its day-to-day administrative functions.

Rev. Mark C. Chavez
Landisville, PA
Phone: 717-898-0801
Fax: 717-898-8178

Assistant to the Bishop for Missions

The Assistant to the Bishop for Missions leads efforts on behalf of the NALC in coordinating local, regional and international mission activity within the church and support for other related activities.

Rev. Dr. Gemechis Buba
Hilliard, OH

Assistant to the Bishop for Ministry and Ecumenism

The Assistant to the Bishop for Ministry and Ecumenism assists congregations in finding pastors and assist pastors in finding calls in NALC congregations. He also serves as the Bishop’s representative by responding to invitations, addressing concerns, representing the NALC and finding opportunities to foster and further the NALC’s ecumenical and inter-Lutheran commitments.

Rev. Dr. David Wendel
Hilliard, OH

NALS President and Seminary Director

The NALS President and Seminary Director serves as administrator of both the North American Lutheran Seminary and the NALS Seminary Center at Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, PA.

Rev. Dr. Amy C. Schifrin
Ambridge, PA


The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of the NALC, overseeing the receiving and disbursing of all funds and keeping accurate accounts of all transactions. Further, the Treasurer provides complete and accurate reports for review by all members of the NALC.

Mr. Ryan Schwarz
Washington, DC
Current term ends August 2019

Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary is appointed by the Executive Council and assures that proper records are made and retained. Among other things, the Recording Secretary shall assure the maintenance of current lists of (i) ordained ministers of the NALC; (ii) congregations of the NALC; and (iii) commissioned lay leaders of the NALC.  The lists maintained by the Recording Secretary shall be used to determine who may participate in Convocations and exercise other rights of membership.


Executive Council

The Executive Council functions as the board of directors for the NALC, providing leadership for the church between the annual Convocations. The Executive Council consists of the Bishop, four clergy and four lay members who are elected for staggered four-year terms. Terms begin on October 1 in the year elected and end on September 30, four years later. No member of the Executive Council, except the Bishop, may serve more than two consecutive full terms. A partial term of more than two years is considered a full term. The General Secretary, Recording Secretary and Treasurer have voice but not vote on the Executive Council.

Lay Positions

Mr. Richard Jansak
Hendersonville, NC
Current term ends 2018

Ms. Rosemary Johnson
Ladysmith, WI
Current term ends 2019

Ms. Lynn Kickingbird
Edmond, OK
Current term ends 2020

Mr. Brian Sutton
Statesville, NC
Current term ends 2021

Clergy Positions

Rev. Melinda H. Jones
Summerville, SC
Current term ends 2018

Rev. Carl Rasmussen
Kirkland, IL
Current term ends 2019

Rev. Kenneth Kimball
Waterville, IA
Current term ends 2020

Rev. Mark Braaten
Tyler, TX
Current term ends 2021

Court of Adjudication

The Court of Adjudication hears appeals from disciplinary decisions; resolves questions of interpretation of NALC governing documents; and decides claims that a person or entity has violated these governing documents. The Court of Adjudication consists of seven members, each elected to a four-year term by the annual Convocation. Terms begin on October 1 in the year elected and end on September 30, four years later. Any member of an NALC congregation shall be eligible for election and service.

Mr. James Gale
Washington, DC
Current term ends 2018

Rev. K. Glen Johnson
Calgary, AB
Current term ends 2018

Ms. Carolyn Nestingen
St. Paul, MN and Dallas, OR
Current term ends 2019

Rev. Marty Ramey
Dallas, NC
Current term ends 2019

Rev. David Schafer
Waukon, IA
Current term ends 2020

Rev. Jeffray S. Greene
Peachtree City, GA
Current term ends 2021

Mr. Lyle Hollander
Boyden, IA
Current term ends 2021

Inquiry Panel

The NALC Constitution authorizes the Executive Council to develop a process for discipline and appeals. The Inquiry Panel is a part of that plan should such a process be needed.

Rev. Jim Bangsund
San Jose, California
408-264-3858 ext 138

Rev. K. Glen Johnson 
Calgary, Alberta

Rev. Ralph Kempski 
Aiken, South Carolina

Rev. Solveig Zamzow 
Grafton, Iowa

Mr. Vic Stevens 
North Ridgeville, Ohio

Mission Districts

Congregations shall join in collaboration to fulfill most effectively the ministry and mission of the NALC, normally based on common geographic boundaries. Such organization shall be done in consultation with the bishop and subject to the approval of the executive council.

The deans, who shall be ordained ministers of the NALC, shall be accountable to the bishop and shall support the work of the bishop by conducting similar functions in their respective mission districts . Deans shall serve as pastor to pastors, their families, and congregations and will conduct a ministry of teaching and visitation with pastors and congregations. Deans may continue to serve under the call of a congregation.

Details can be found on the Mission Districts page.

Ministry of Oversight

The Church is expressed primarily in the congregation but is also manifested in wider structures that serve the ministry of the local congregation. Oversight in the Church has been fundamental since New Testament times. The NALC is served by a bishop, and by regional pastors who are called deans. Both men and women may serve in all offices of the church.

Learn more about the Ministry of Oversight.