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The Executive Council functions as the board of directors for the NALC, providing leadership for the church between the annual Convocations. The Executive Council consists of the Bishop, four clergy and four lay members who are elected for a four-year term. Terms begin on October 1 in the year elected and end on September 30, four years later. No member of the Executive Council, except the Bishop, may serve more than two consecutive full terms. A partial term of more than two years is considered a full term. The General Secretary, Recording Secretary and Treasurer have voice but not vote on the Executive Council.

Current members of the Executive Council are:

Lay Positions

Clergy Positions

Kay Johnson Weaver
Vale, NC
Current term ends 2014
Rev. Rebecca M. M. Heber
Heathrow, FL
Current term ends 2014
Ryan M. Schwarz
Washington, DC
Current term ends 2015
Rev. Eddy Perez
Miami, FL
Current term ends 2014
James Hansen
Charleston, WV
Current term ends 2016
Rev. James T. Lehmann
Thomasboro, IL
Current term ends 2015
Matthew Burkhart
Columbus, OH
Current term ends 2017
Rev. Victor C. Langford, III
Seattle, WA
Current term ends 2016