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Emmanuel Lutheran Church

206 S. Burrowes Street
State College, PA 16801
Mailing Address: PO Box 682
State College, PA 16804
Phone: 570-992-4085
Contact: Pastor Brett Jenkins
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Seeking to be an orthodox community of Christians that will grow in zeal and numbers of disciples, Emmanuel Lutheran Church has been worshiping for less than a year and recently became affiliated with the NALC. Its challenge is to make the Christian faith meaningful and credible in a community that is highly secular and very liberal. State College provides an academic university setting with a high standard of living and high professional standards.

Emmanuel has the expenses of any start-up congregation: paying for pastoral support, worship space (it is currently worshiping in a United Methodist church), website start-up and maintenance costs, advertising and general operating expenses. It anticipates congregational benevolence will grow as the number of its worshipers increase.

The congregation received an NALC mission grant for 2016, as well as a grant from another Pennsylvania NALC congregation. No audit is currently in place.

Click here for a form to “adopt” Emmanuel Lutheran Church and send direct support.

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