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The Court of Adjudication hears appeals from disciplinary decisions; resolves questions of interpretation of NALC governing documents; and decides claims that a person or entity has violated these governing documents. The Court of Adjudication consists of seven members, each elected to a four-year term by the annual Convocation. Terms begin on October 1 in the year elected and end on September 30, four years later. Any member of an NALC congregation shall be eligible for election and service.

Read the Court’s “Rules of Procedure”

Download the Court’s “Rules of Procedure” for printing

To contact any member of the Court by email, click on their name in the list below.

Mr. Jon E. Evans
Pittsburgh, PA
Current term ends 2017
Rev. Jeffray S. Greene
Peachtree City, GA
Current term ends 2017
Mr. James Gale
Washington, DC
Current term ends 2018
Rev. K. Glen Johnson
Calgary, AB
Current term ends 2018
Ms. Carolyn Nestingen
St. Paul, MN and Dallas, OR
Current term ends 2019
Rev. Marty Ramey
Dallas, NC
Current term ends 2019
Rev. David Schafer
Waukon, IA
Current term ends 2020