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NALC International Office

3500 Mill Run Drive
Hilliard, OH 43026-7770

Phone: 614-777-5709 or 888-551-7254 (toll free)
Fax: 614-777-5193 (Please include cover sheet)

NALC Financial Administration

2299 Palmer Drive, Suite 220
New Brighton, MN 55112-2202

Phone: 651-633-6004
Fax: 651-633-4260

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Executive Staff

Program Staff

Administrative Staff

Executive Council

Court of Adjudication

Inquiry Panel

Mission District Deans

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General Contacts

NALC Disaster Response Coordinator – disasterresponse@thenalc.org

To locate a NALC congregation near you, click on Find Us on the main navigation menu or email: findachurch@thenalc.org.

Questions about finances, legal matters or process for leaving your present church to join the NALC – treasurer@thenalc.org

Information or questions about mission congregations and missionaries – missions@thenalc.org

Information or questions on becoming an NALC pastor, for both current pastors and seminarians – generalsecretary@thenalc.org

General information or questions – info@thenalc.org

Newsletter editor – news@thenalc.org

Webmaster – webmaster@thenalc.org

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Executive Staff


The Rev. John F. Bradosky
Hilliard, OH
Phone: 614-777-5709

General Secretary

The Rev. Mark Chavez
295 Stony Battery Road
Landisville, PA 17538-1027
Phone: 717-898-0801
Fax: 717-898-8178

Assistant to the Bishop for Missions

The Rev. Dr. Gemechis Buba
Hilliard, OH
Phone: 614-777-5709

Assistant to the Bishop for Ministry and Ecumenism

The Rev. Dr. David Wendel
Hilliard, OH
Phone: 614-777-5709


Mr. Ryan Schwarz
Washington, DC

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Program Staff

NALS Seminary President

The Rev. Dr. Amy C. Schifrin
Ambridge, PA

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Administrative Staff

Financial Administrator

Anne Gleason
New Brighton, MN
Phone: 651-633-6004

Assistant to the Executive Staff

Becky Seifert
Hilliard, OH
Phone: 614-777-5709; 888-551-7254 (toll free)

Assistant for Missions

Jenny Brockman
Hilliard, OH
Phone: 614-777-5709; 888-551-7254 (toll free)

Administrative Assistant

Kathy Jacobson
New Brighton, MN
Phone: 651-633-5953


Maddie Benson
Hilliard, OH
Phone: 614-777-5709; 888-551-7254 (toll free)

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Executive Council

The Executive Council functions as the board of directors for the NALC, providing leadership for the church between the annual Convocations. The Executive Council consists of the Bishop, four clergy and four lay members who are elected for staggered four-year terms.

The Rev. Mark Braaten; Tyler, TX

Mr. Richard Jansak; Hendersonville, NC

Ms. Rosemary Johnson; Ladysmith, WI

The Rev. Melinda Jones; Summerville, SC

Ms. Lynn Kickingbird; Edmond, OK

The Rev. Kenneth Kimball; Waterville, IA

The Rev. Carl Rasmussen; Kirkland, IL

Mr. Brian Sutton; Statesville, NC

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Court of Adjudication

The Court of Adjudication hears appeals from disciplinary decisions; resolves questions of interpretation of NALC governing documents; and decides claims that a person or entity has violated these governing documents. The Court of Adjudication consists of seven members, each elected to a four-year term by the annual Convocation.

Mr. James Gale; Washington, DC

The Rev. Jeffray Greene; Peachtree City, GA

Mr. Lyle Hollander; Boyden, IA

The Rev. K. Glen Johnson; Calgary, AB

Ms. Carolyn Nestingen; St. Paul, MN and Dallas, OR

The Rev. Marty Ramey; Dallas, NC

The Rev. David Schafer; Waukon, IA

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Inquiry Panel

The Inquiry Panel is appointed by the Executive Council and serves as a part of the NALC disciplinary process.

The Rev. Jim Bangsund; San Jose, California (408-723-2433 )

The Rev. K. Glen Johnson; Calgary, Alberta (403-291-2042)

The Rev. Ralph Kempski; Aiken, South Carolina (812-455-5452)

Mr. Vic Stevens; The Villages, Florida (440-263-0370)

The Rev. Solveig Zamzow; Grafton, Iowa (641-748-2736)

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Mission District Deans

The Mission District Deans, who are ordained ministers of the NALC, are accountable to the Bishop and support the work of the Bishop by conducting similar functions in their respective areas. Deans serve as pastor to pastors, their families, and congregations and conduct a ministry of teaching and visitation with pastors and congregations. Deans may continue to serve under the call of a congregation.

Atlantic Mission District

Dean: The Rev. David McGettigan; Atlantic City, NJ (609-742-2449)
Region: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland (eastern), Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York (eastern), Pennsylvania (eastern), Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington DC.
Web: www.atlanticnalc.org

Canada Mission District

Dean: The Rev. Malcolm (Mac) de Waal; Medicine Hat, AB (403-952-7817)
Region: Canada

Caribbean and Spanish-Speaking Mission District

Dean: Vacant
Region: Caribbean and Hispanic ministries

Carolinas Mission District

Dean: The Rev. Dr. Nathan Howard Yoder; Maiden, NC (828-485-7155)
Region: North Carolina and South Carolina
Web: http://carolinasnalc.org/

Central Pacific Mission District

Dean: The Rev. Daniel Selbo; San Jose, CA
Region: Northern California and northern Nevada

Eastern South Dakota Mission District

Dean: The Rev. Randy Eisenbeisz; Hayti, SD (605-783-3312)
Region: Eastern South Dakota

Great Plains Mission District

Dean: The Rev. Dennis Beckmann; Mankato, KS
Region: Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma

Great Rivers Mission District

Dean: The Rev. Preston Foster; Metropolis, IL (618-638-0147)
Region: Illinois

Heartland Mission District

Dean: The Rev. Pamela Thorson; Elizabethtown, KY
Region: Indiana and Kentucky

Iowa Mission District

Dean: The Rev. Marshall Hahn; St. Olaf, IA (563-880-9714)
Region: Iowa
Web: http://www.iowamissiondistrict.com/index.html

Michigan Mission District

Dean: The Rev. Tim Loehrke; Pigeon, MI
Region: Michigan (lower peninsula)

Mid-Northeast Mission District

Dean: The Rev. Carl Johnson; Kittanning, PA (724-548-2051)
Region: western Maryland, western New York, western Pennsylvania and West Virginia

Mid-South Mission District

Dean: The Rev. Trina Petersen; Lithonia, GA (404-408-3481)
Region: Alabama, Florida panhandle, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee

Minkota Mission District

Dean: The Rev. Lyle Belleque; Devils Lake, ND (701-662-3565)
Region: Minnesota and eastern North Dakota

North Texas Mission District

Dean: The Rev. John Scheusner; Arlington, TX
Region: Texas (north)

Northwest Mission District

Dean: The Rev. Jack Richards; Everett, WA
Region: Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington

Ohio Mission Region

North Central Ohio Mission District
Dean: The Rev. Paul Larson; Mansfield, OH (419-522-0662)
Region: North Central Ohio
Web: http://www.thenalcohio.org/ncoh/index.html

North Eastern Ohio Mission District
The Rev. Robert Quaintance; Youngstown, OH (330-782-8109)
Region: Northeastern Ohio
Web: http://www.thenalcohio.org/neoh/index.html

North West Ohio Mission District
Dean: The Rev. Bill Maki; Saint Marys, OH (419-394-3115)
Region: Northwestern Ohio
Web: http://www.thenalcohio.org/nwoh/index.html

Southeastern Ohio Mission District
Dean: The Rev. Jeffrey Morlock; Galloway, OH (614-404-1915)
Region: Southeastern Ohio
Web: http://www.thenalcohio.org/seoh/index.html

Southwest Ohio Mission District
Dean: The Rev. Daniel Powell; Springfield, OH (937-399-6257)
Region: Southwestern Ohio
Web: http://www.thenalcohio.org/swoh/index.html

Rocky Mountain Mission District

Dean: The Rev. Ken Hohag; Colorado Springs, CO
Region: Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and the corner of Texas below New Mexico

Sonshine Mission District of Florida

Dean: Vacant
Region: Florida (except panhandle area)

South Texas Mission District

Dean: The Rev. B.A. (Tim) Christ; Richmond, TX (281-762-3310)
Region: Texas (south) and Louisiana
Web: http://southtexasnalc.org/

Southwest Pacific Mission District

Dean: The Rev. Marvin Combs; Huntington Beach, CA
Region: Arizona, southern California, Hawaii and southern Nevada


Dean: The Rev. Bradley Hales; Culpeper, VA
Region: Virginia

Western Dakotas, Montana and Wyoming Mission District

Dean: The Rev. David Baer; Whitewood, SD
Region: western Dakotas, Montana and Wyoming

Wisconsin and Upper Michigan

Dean: The Rev. Craig Nehring; Caroline, WI
Region: Wisconsin and Upper Michigan
Web: http://www.wiumnalc.org

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